Cocktail Delivery + 90 min Masterclass

Cocktail Delivery + 90 min Masterclass

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Whether you and some friends want to up your home bartending game or are looking for a quarantine-friendly workplace activity we can tailor our packages to your desired event. 

In these masterclasses, we'll send you everything you need to make 3 styles of cocktail, and live stream a step by step class from Dolly Trolley's founder, Kelsey Ramage.

We'll show you how to make and garnish each drink, show you some trade tips on getting perfectly diluted and chilled cocktails every time, and finish with how each drink is best enjoyed. 

Choose from one of the following classes, or email us with your interests! 

Pretty Drinks 101: Everything from learning how to nail a perfect citrus twist every time, to using aroma, bitters, flowers and more to finish your drinks off perfectly. This class we'll show you both how to use classic cocktail garnishes in the right way for the style of drink you're enjoying, and give you some super fun garnishes when you really want to show off. 

Spirits Specific: Love gin? Big rum nerd? So are we... Give us your go-to spirit and we'll dive in with a little history, make 2 cocktails that first made it popular, and finish with a modern contemporary cocktail, Dolly Trolley style. 

Tequila Tromba: Our friends over at Tequila Tromba have put together a pretty great kit with three styles of tequila cocktail that everyone should try! Start with a ginger mule, a beer paloma, and of course the classic margarita. Classes are led by one of Tromba's Tequila ambassadors so you know they'll be dropping some serious tequila knowledge on ya. 


**$99 is the price per person, we require a minimum of 3 people per party** 

Once you purchase your pack, we'll be in touch to organize delivery addresses for each of your guests. Please advise us of any dietary requirements in your group.