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Dolly Trolley Drinks is a range of high quality cocktail mixers hand made & delivered to your door by the fine folx of The Trash Collective. 

Kelsey Ramage & Iain Griffiths have been travelling the world making cocktails and educating on sustainability and bars for the past three years. They met working at one of the World's Best Bars, Dandelyan and started their company, Trash Tiki as a way of educating bartenders on sustainable cocktails and locality of ingredients. They now bring their love of tasty cocktails to Dolly Trolley Drinks, a delivery service bringing their local-ingredient cocktails straight to your door. 

Sold as an alcohol free mixer you can then choose from our suggested spirit pairings to have your own cocktail kit delivered to your door, including a 200ml or 750ml bottle of chosen spirit & Ontario sourced and bottled soda water. The mixers do work great sans booze if thats your vibe too!

So pour yourself a cup of ambition & thanks for supporting local businesses!

For any questions or inquiries, please email us at